75% of new and emerging infectious diseases are *Zoonotic (come from animals)


"The mutating H5N8 strain of avian flu has a high risk of human-to-human transmission."

A member of the World Health Organization team investigating the coronavirus pandemic says its report will conclude that such animal farms are likely the place where the pandemic began.

“Avian influenza and other zoonotic diseases are in the environment, and as human activities encroach natural habitats and environments used by wild species, the risk of transmission increases.”


--Taej Mundkur, Wetlands International.  

Aliza le Roux, South Africa-based ecologist, says intensive animal farming, where animals kept in conditions of high density on a large scale, is one of the main catalysts for viruses jumping from animals to humans.

"If you actually want to create global pandemics, then build factory farms."

Dr. Michael Greger, Physician and public health Speaker